Grandpa Always in My Heart…

He was so handsome when he was young, so fair and so confident. He gave me so much love and care for years, when Dad was not around. He told me stories before sleep. He prayed for me. And most importantly, he believed in me.

He and grandmother had a very unique love story, which inspires me.

I love to write and tell the stories he told me once.

I missed him before he leaves us, I missed him since he forgot my name and failed to recognize me as anyone else… I missed the special love and attention he used to give me compared to all my other siblings and cousins… however, his presence was still a warmth and a valuable gift.

Dear Grandpa, may God grant you mercy and let you rest in peace and comfort.

I love you



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Doctor by profession, however my passions are way far from my career. I love writing, painting and knitting. I love nature as it inspires me. Happy to share my thoughts and daily inspirations with you all...

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