Fruit-Full Baby!

It was a beautiful morning. The sun shining through the glass window and the cool air fluttering  the curtains in the living room.  The fruits on the wooden table started stretching out and yawning, time to welcome this new day. Orange was so excited, that Dear Sofy is back today with her newborn baby. Apple looked at Orange and sneered: Good for you. Actually, do you know anything about newborn babies, huh. Banana raised his eyebrows, and was instantly attracted to the subject. He adjusted his eyeglasses and volunteered: Well, they say that newborn babies are a very critical condition. they are so selfish that they make everybody around them care for them and they are very demanding and exhaust the resources of the country. In addition, my cousin told me that they intentionally produce annoying sounds at night to disturb the sleep of everyone else in the city, this is for sure. The small berry at the corner of the plate jumped in to participate in the conversation. Berry: Mr Orange is so ignorant , he dose not even know that newborn babies dont like us, they only like milk. Apple straitened himself and said proudly and confidently: : Off course Orange dose not know anything. Well, if he did, he would not have been so happy that he has the most vitamin C among us. My beautiful girlfriend Papy (papaya) has much more of that. Orange – who was silent all through- sighed and said smiling: : Well, so it be!!

via Daily Prompt: Conversant


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Doctor by profession, however my passions are way far from my career. I love writing, painting and knitting. I love nature as it inspires me. Happy to share my thoughts and daily inspirations with you all...

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